Detox Bio Skin Nanocell Mask

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COKO, Bio-Detox Mask. Specifically designed for detoxing of the face. Provide stem cells to the skin, regenerate and restore damage, so that the skin is smooth and healthy.

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COKO Detox Bio-skin Mask boosts peptides with ultra-small size that easily penetrate deep into every cell, relieving the skin which is hurt or in a specialized skin care therapy after laser treatment. Hyaluronic Acid and natural extracts detoxify the toxins entering from the external environment, increase skin resistance and moisture, maximize serum absorption into the dermis and subcutis (the second and third layers of the skin).


COKO Bio-skin Mask is manufactured as a artificial bio skin by the fermentation technology from 100% Ben Tre pure coconut water, helping your skin absorb the nutrients to the fullest and move freely while using.

Directions for use

After thoroughly cleansing face, apply toner and/or essence to dampen the skin

Apply the second layer on

Leave on face at least 20 minutes (suitable to leave through night without lossing moisture from skin)

Remove the bio-skin mask

For all skin types, can be applied during morning or night skincare routine


COKO Detox Bio-skin Mask especially suitable for acne skin

Apply after using serum for better absorption.

Use daily for better results.