Aqua Bio Skin Nanocell Mask

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COKO, Aqua Mask. Specifically designed for deep penetration for maintaining a soothing effect, reducing irritation due to nanomorphology and high moisture content. Hyaluronic Acid intensive moisture levels and skin lightening, combine extracts of CENTELLA, clean the skin and tighten pores.

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COKO Aqua Bio-skin Mask with Hyaluronic Acid, the mask maximizes skin hydration, improves complexion and skin texture, removes free stemcells and regenerates skin cells.


COKO Bio-skin Mask is manufactured as a artificial bio skin by the fermentation technology from 100% Ben Tre pure coconut water, helping your skin absorb the nutrients to the fullest and move freely while using.

Directions for use

After thoroughly cleansing face, apply toner and/or essence to dampen the skin

Apply the second layer on

Leave on face at least 20 minutes (suitable to leave through night without lossing moisture from skin)

Remove the bio-skin mask

For all skin types, can be applied during morning or night skincare routine